EXHUBERANCE a collaboration by CACtTUS x RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio)

EXHUBERANCE A collaborative venture linking three cities for a one-hour live interaction. The cacophony manifested will incorporate sonic performance from Rotterdam Art And Radio (RAAR) and site installation combining the light projection by Krystel Rascon in Mexico City onto sculptures created collaboratively between Luis Martinez, David Pena and Jorge Mujica in Tijuana Mexico by Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Space (CACtTUS_ITX). Artist/musicians based in Rotterdam gathered to improvise the sound element of this collaboration. They are Nicole Martens (NL), Robert Kroos (NL), Henrietta Müller (RO), Alexander Iezzi (US), Bergur Thomas Anderson (IS), Joshua Thies (US). Performed and recorded and streamed live from studio RAAR in Rotterdam.


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