DUCKFOOD – field recordings Morocco -Pantropical – 03.05.2019

We’re elated to present this splendid collage of field recordings from Morocco by Duckfood aka Robert Kroos. Knowing his chops as a sound designer/editor, Robert has meticulously edited an evocative sound piece that retains the pureness of its source material; raw recordings of Gnawa and other Moroccan rhythms alternated with various soundwalks on different locations. The recordings were made on 08.09.2018 in Djemaa el Fna / Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, and Essaouira.

As a DJ Duckfood’s selections are colourful and not preoccupied by categorization. His awe-inspiring music collection absorbs anything from Renaissance to various forms of Global bass to Moroccan trance.

picture used in artwork: Robert Kroos

▶️ — with Pantropical.


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