Los Dansing Queens [sic] are a phenomenon. Sprouting from the moldy hotbed of culture, Maastricht, Los Dansing Queenc might be the best kept secret in the Dutch music and art scene. This completely derailed band play absurdist pop with the dryest sense of humor, and dabble with performance art for good measure. They freed themselves from any preoccupation with what their stuff should sound or look like, sometimes resembling Rotterdam’s Coolhaven from another, particularly warped parallel universe. Los Dansing Queenc will provide plenty of entertainment for the curious, jaded and faded.

■ INDICATOR2000 (at)
An entirely different kind of affair is ‘Indicator2000′. This project by the artist and (quote) dilettantish (unquote) engineer Joseph Knierzinger explores different kinds of micro and marco movements of the X-Y indicator device, aka the computer mouse. By translating these movements into amplitude and frequency of a nofi-oscillator, an audible experience is created. By recording variable sequences of the movement an arythmic collage will be discovered.

Mysterious project by the even more mysterious Woodstone Kugelblitz. Next to setting up the abovementioned fanfare project with homemade trumpets, Kugelblitz is known for activities that includes ongoing work on L’Intolérant – a stenciled newspaper on art in daily life, poetry and popular uprising. Kubelblitz is all about work that is ‘lived’ instead of work that is being ‘created’.

Duckfood told us that he doesn’t like the abbreviation ‘DJ’ in front of his alias, but he actually is one. It’s because the man loathes pigeonholing and rightly so. So do we. Under Duckfood‘s scrutiny, the boundless juxtaposition and mixing of tracks always ends up being something really tasteful.