Sounds of Silence Festival.

Music by Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble and Silent Sound Design | Grote zaal | 21:30

Vampyr | Carl Theodor Dreyer | Denmark, 1932

With Vampyr, Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer channeled his genius for creating mesmerizing atmosphere and austere, unsettling imagery into the horror genre. The result—a chilling film about a student of the occult who encounters supernatural haunts and local evildoers in a village outside of Paris—is nearly unclassifiable. A host of stunning camera and editing tricks and densely layered sounds create a mood of dreamlike terror. With its roiling fogs, ominous scythes, and foreboding echoes, Vampyr is one of cinema’s great nightmares.

Rotterdam Kinematic Ensemble:

Gonçalo Almeida – Double Bass
Philipp Ernsting – Percussion
Reinier van Houdt – Piano
Riccardo Marogna – Clarinets
Robert Kroos – Electronics

Silent Sound design:

Robert Kroos