Torture Corpse / Architeuthis Rex split c44 (Stunned no. 109)

Back for a third time on Stunned, Torture Corpse delivers a fierce and fire-licked side appropriately titled ˜Ignorance”. Like being herded through a geoengineered tweak of the weather, or standing under a sky checkered with persistent trails of aerosol spray, the consequences of exposure to TC’s guitar-crush has been verified to generate psychic mutation. Our hero from Rotterdam thankfully holds nothing back, and signals with his arsenal of pitch-black electronics the final malfunctioning of all civic and political institutions. Pestilence spills through cracks in the merciless wall of noise erected in Torture Corpse’s anarchic defiance, trickling over to the second side of this split. One can practically hear the vermin scampering underfoot in Architeuthis Rex‘s haunted churchyard exploration. What begins as a desolate wind-whipped scene of terrestrial tension ends with something akin to encountering the first of four apocalyptic horsemen, turned loose and swinging low its scythe. Hold on tight. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c44 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

Stunned Records no.109






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