16mm – digital
13min, 2021
image by Lichun Tseng
sound by Robert Kroos

Shunyata means emptiness.
This film reflects the streaming of consciousness as a continuous flow of change and transformation.
Shunyata is created by layering, constructing, and deconstructing 16mm film footage and analog waveforms into an immersive, sense transcending experience. Evoking a sense of deep meditation and timelessness through constant change and chaos.
In the empty sky fades a white cloud.

This film is a commissioned work by Klankvorm and realized with the support of Creative Industries Fund, Mondriaan Fund and the City of Rotterdam


  • Klankvorm Audio Visual Explorations 25 October 2021, Rotterdam
  • IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam, 26 January to 14 February 2022, Rotterdam
  • Ground Level Cinema, 30 January 2022, Tokyo.