16mm – digital
13min, 2021
image by Lichun Tseng
sound by Robert Kroos

Shunyata means emptiness.
This film reflects the streaming of consciousness as a continuous flow of change and transformation.
Shunyata is created by layering, constructing, and deconstructing 16mm film footage and analog waveforms into an immersive, sense transcending experience. Evoking a sense of deep meditation and timelessness through constant change and chaos.
In the empty sky fades a white cloud.

This film is a commissioned work by Klankvorm and realized with the support of Creative Industries Fund, Mondriaan Fund and the City of Rotterdam


Klankvorm Audio Visual Explorations 25 October 2021, Rotterdam

IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam, 26 January to 14 February 2022, Rotterdam

Ground Level Cinema, 30 January 2022, Tokyo.