Science Fiction Radio Play Workshop WORM with Felix Kubin

with Felix Kubin

2-23 May, 2010

The idea behind this workshop is to produce a professional radio play within a period of 3 weeks. During the production phase, the participants will have access to the studio facilities of WORM including the use of vintage and digital synthesizers, samplers, microphones, hard-disc recording and professional peripheral equipment. The participants will form crews and cooperate in creating the play.

The German word for radio play is “Hörspiel”. In terms of artistic and technical quality, variety of styles and degree of experimentation these plays are outstanding and without any comparison in the world. The best actors and speakers of the country take part in Hörspiel productions. Apart from the classical genres like drama, crime story etc, new formats like „Akustische Kunst“ were invented in the 1960s which helped radio art to become a autonomous discipline which was no longer just a prolongation of theatre. Established by pioneers like Klaus Schöning of the WDR, these new areas of experimentation helped to make German radio art world famous.
Today, a huge variety of styles exist within the German Hörspiel, and each week you’ll find new productions in the ether.
Felix Kubin has produced both narrative works and experimental collages and features. His workshop „Die andere Seite“ deals with the subject of Science Fiction in an open way. The idea is not to create a B-version of Star Wars.


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