Protest Song Workshop WORM with Eugene Chadbourne

Protest Song Workshop with Eugene Chadbourne.

We asked Eugene to give this workshop because we like his work and think he could be an inspiring teacher. Eugene’s music differs from very heavy noise shit, to acoustic guitar & banjo works, from ‘country protest songs’ (and any other kind of protest songs) to collaborations with Camper Van Beethoven, Zu, John Zorn and Kevin Blechdom (and many others). He’s the perfect inbetween for virtuoso (and sometimes whacky) guitar playing on one hand, and the very basic song writing and playing (call it ‘weird folk’) on the other. And he’s a very sympathetic and approachable person.

Participants can bring an instrument (if they play any) and songs, or ideas for songs. In the evening there will be a very informal presentation of the works that were made or discussed in the afternoon.


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