House – Techno releases on vinyl 1991-2001

During the ’90’s I have released several dance floor-tracks on different labels and in collaboration with several producers. This is a list of the most important releases:

All in 1 – Precious Silence on Midtown Records

All in 1 – Mama’s Kick on Midtown Records

Orthodox – Mantras on 80 Aum Records

Dienstplicht Nokken Now on Geef 8 Records

Private Productions – Looped on 80 Aum Records

Private Productions – Sex Drive on 80 Aum Records

E.N.P – Boka on Jazz Tracks Records

Tree of Life – Fondant Indica on Floating Vinyl Elite

Private Productions – Proud to Present EP on See Saw Records

Private Productions – Ghost Track on Floating Vinyl Elite

Specimen – Primal Pulse on Floating Records

Recyclebull – Eggs for Fats on Floating Records

Secret Cinema vs Private Producitions – Gung Ho on EC Records

Besides there are many more releases, re-mixes, compilations and re-releases. Most of those you can find linked on Discogs.


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