Holy Crap The Work in Progress Space of Roodkapje

Holy Crap was initiated by Alina Parigger and Amy Suo Wu. Holy Crap was a participatory happening in the Work in Progress space of Roodkapje’s Rot(t)terdam project situated in the center of Rotterdam.  Together with Amy I made a collage of sounds including a field recording of the inner-sphere of pipes in the industrial part of Rotterdam and field recordings of the recycling process such as the breaking of glass, tearing of paper, smashing of metal bin lids and the movement of plastic containers. The vibration of an Om(heart) tuning fork at 136.10hz is overlaid. Reminiscent of holy songs, we turned these sounds into a meditative chant that was aired, along with lit candles, during the opening and closing show. You can check the site to see what its all about and you can listen to the actual soundtrack.



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