“Waste” by Nan Wang

“Waste” is an audio-visual performance use modified slid-projectors to project small trash material into enlarged moving image.
By using Electronic sound synchronised with tinny abandon objects, movements of light and shadows, constructing a story of wasted and lost memory.

Carole Thibaud and Mariane Moula from Nantes (FR)

30 min 4 projections 16mm live performance with sound
Four 16mm projectors and film only made with a sewing machine and a printer. Film without camera, an experience about the analogue film, and how the hole, moving and crossed by the light create pictures, sound, and talks about cinema.

” ” by Esther Urlus
An attack of imagined nostalgia for childhood. With soundscapes by Robert Kroos

DJ: Duckfood

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visit: hillelaan 49d / post: postbus 51100, 3007 GC, Rotterdam