Grof Folklore Tanzania Beyond Singeli set on Mixcloud

Young producers in Tanzania have warped Taarab (a popular music genre in Tanzania and Kenya) and other traditional sounds into Singeli – the breakneck sound from the bustling neighbourhoods of Dar Es Salaam. Using free DJ software, and hyping things up to 300 bpm speeds, this is some of the rawest electronic music currently coming from East Africa. The world was made aware of this mostly thanks to the Nyege Nyege (or Nyege Tapes) label. This hour however goes beyond the discography of Nyege Nyege, and attempts to display the sounds as heard in the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam. Broadcasted live on WORM Radio Rotterdam

DJing vinyl at Zero edition – 16mm film club

The 16mm film club was founded from the need of the four organizers to project and view together bits and pieces of the rich history of this format so beloved in avant-garde / experimental film culture. The great digitization has dusted off many films in recent years, but online availability is truly different from a real film screening, especially with unconventional films.

Het Meisje met de Naakte Ouders, Jan Willem van Dam, NL, 1993, 30′
Sans Lune / Moonless, Sophie Watzlawick, DE/CH, 2017, 8′
Morphology of a Dream, Malena Szlam, CA, 2015-2018, 5’30”
Winter, Nathaniel Dorsky, USA, 2007, 19′


Voice only DJ-set with Ash Killmartin @ Antenne: Singing Club of Rotterdam – Cassette Release Party

Singing Club of Rotterdam came to existence in the early days of 2019 as an alternative choir exploring ways of singing and listening together.  Now, with this event, they are celebrating a strictly limited cassette release made in collaboration with Antenne. The tape features recordings from their club night at our bedroom venue last winter, and includes voices of Singing Club members and the audience present at that gig. Expect a voice-only DJ set mixed by Ash Kilmartin & Robert Kroos, group jams led by Clara, Beyoncé tributes by Mylan, Merve & Linus (live), and much, MUCH more…


Dear friend, neighbor, colleague and citizen,
Having caught our breaths since last time, we would like to invite you to the (play)grounds of Rib again, for a second summer session of 4uurtje. From our sunny roof terrace we’ll generously cover the neighborhood music as sweet as cherries, hand-picked for the occasional soul on the swing and the slide. This Sunday will host – among others – children records from Robert Kroos’ collection, live saxophone and clarinet by Johanna Monk, and a visit from Koffie & Ambacht’s very own Gilbert van Drunen. Later in the evening, Geo Wyeth will join us for the cream on cream.
Our audible counterparts will also be on the wider webs, broadcast through RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio).
With Robert Kroos, Johanna Monk, Gilbert van Drunen, Geo Wyeth, Ash Kilmartin, Joshua Thies & Linus Bonduelle, The Garage School(Santiago Pinyol a.o.).
Please note that a limited number of visitors can enter Rib at once during our opening hours! The best location to enjoy our DJ’s is the playground. There are plenty of benches available there. We will also serve tea and coffee, and you can always grab a cup or two.

Norouz 1399 mixtape

1001 Nights-buddy Vala invited me to celebrate Norouz, Persian new year on Operator radio. Stranded as we are we collaborated on a Norouz 1399 mixtape. Filled with 70’s era disco, funk, soul classics and a few recent domestic pop releases.Enjoy wonderful music from Iran and happy Norouz everybody!

PoortjeHerrie #9 – MoE – Torture Corpse – Live

Going Live as Torture Corpse together with the awesome Norwegian band MOE.

MoE (no)
Norwegian rock band. Powerful and angular, surprising and musical confronting.Through collaborations with artists such as Pain Jerk, Keiji Haino, Mette Rasmussen and Lasse Marhaug, MoE has become one of the most adventurous and productive bands in Norway. The music spans from heavy drone, chaotic noise, to up tempo punk with a mix of no wave and progressive elements. MoE is a must see live act, mixing elements of performance and improvisation with their eclectic rock sound.
Torture Corpse (nl)
Noise and dark ambient from the Netherlands

AB40 Kick-off: Global Street Sounds – La Yegros – Susobrino – Nuri – Rebel Up! DJs – Ancienne Belgique

𝗖𝗹𝘂𝗯:’𝗥𝗲𝗯𝗲𝗹 𝗨𝗽! Records 𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗲𝗹 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁’

𝗟𝗔 𝗬𝗘𝗚𝗥𝗢𝗦 – A thrilling blend of folktronica and ‘nu cumbia’. The Argentinean Mariana, aka Là Yegros, offers delightful, highly danceable sounds built upon cumbia, chamamé and other folk influences with an injection of electronica. Hence the term ‘folktronica’. She has recently completed work on her new CD, ‘Suelta’ (salvation). And you’re sure to know her from her summer hit ‘Viene De Mi’.

SUSOBRINO – is the alter ego of 24-year-old producer and instrument collector Bart Van Obbergen. His Bolivian roots have inspired his passion for exotic sounds, especially traditional South American percussive music. He blends his own field recordings and other music with digital ingredients into a rhythmic and energetic soundtrack.

NURI – released HIS LP ‘Drup’ in collaboration with the Tunisian label Shouka & Rebel Up: a tribute to his Tunisian heritage, with percussion and vocals from all over the African continent, and all that in a digital mix, an ‘amalgam of then and now.’

REBEL UP DJ’S – A household name in the Brussels & Belgian global sounds scene for over a decade, through their eclectic global mixtapes, ethnic remixes and radio shows on Radio Campus Bruxelles, BRUZZ and Kiosk Radio. In 2018 the Rebel Up Records label got kickstarted with (13!) releases up to date. Sounds from the global underground is their motto.

Ducktape 005 Roman Havasi, Havalari

Exploder Sound – African Underground – OT301- Amsterdam

Exploder Sound returns to the OT301 bringing the best of African underground and deep sounds from the Motherland.
With special guests: Duckfood (Rebel Up ! Soundclash), Jula Lo  (Gente Quente), Stroes, Colin301 (OT301 Studios), PÅL/SECAM  (pan-amafropeans)

Pantropical: Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla (Sahel Sounds)

✹ Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla plays energetic synthesizer freakout music in a style known in Mauritania, the Sahara as WZN, or in Arabic simply “music.” The style has emerged as pop music, blaring out of taxi cabs and cassette shops throughout the country. Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla is one of the country’s biggest stars, who performs at lavish weddings of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, with a troupe of percussionists. Ahmedou has earned a reputation for his evocative theatrics, accentuating notes with by playing with his elbows, or tapping the keyboard with his head. Hypnotic and tranced-out, He transports Mauritanian classical music into technological futures, like a drug-free baroque rave under the open air of the Sahara.
✹ DUCKFOOD & CHULENGO (pantropical, rebel up)
Duckfood’s awe-inspiring music collection absorbs anything from Renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not preoccupied by categorization. Duckfood will be flanked by music culture omnivore Chulengo.


Listen! – Rebel Up -Ammar 808 – Susobrino – Gan Gah

Listen Festival,Rebel Up  & VK concerts join forces for a global sounds night in the heart of Molenbeek at the historic VK Concerts venue. The night will take you on a global round trip with a multicultural lineup consisting of some of Belgium’s current top crop, between live acts and DJs. The international Northern African band AMMAR 808 عمّار brings berber folk styles together with heavy electronics and pounding bass for futuristic rituals. To complement the line-up, a live performance by Susobrino and his shamanic-inspired electro-acoustic Amazonian sounds, followed by global beat & bouncy bass DJ sets by GAN GAH (current artist in residence at VK) and the Rebel Up crew.

Arab Film Festival – AFFterparty at WORM: Cheb Gero, Duckfood, Discourse

ARAB FILM FESTIVAL – official afterparty

WORM and Pantropical proudly host this year’s official Arab Film Festival afterparty. Cheb Gero from the Parisian Akuphone label, Duckfood and Discourse will DJ fantastic old and new dance tunes from the Arab world. ‘

✹ CHEB GERO (fr | akuphone)

Cheb Gero (Fabrice Gery) is a music lover who runs the Akuphone label from Paris. Launched with the approach of an archaeologist, Akuphone is primarily dedicated to releasing rare global pop & folk music, linking the records to their historical and political contexts, and placing them back in the social and cultural context in which they emerged. Amazing songs from the 1940s to the 1990s are culled from 78-rpm records, cassette tapes, and other formats. Fabrice’s DJ alias illustrates the diversity of the musical worlds he shares: ‘Cheb’ is a homage to Algerian Raï singers, whereas ‘Gero’ refers to the Japanese noise cult band of the same name, and to his own surname. Like his label suggests, Cheb’s DJ sets consist of a broad range of music; Arab, African, and (South East) Asian folk, grooves and beats. •
✹ DUCKFOOD (roffa | pantropical, rebel up)
Duckfood’s awe-inspiring music collection absorbs anything from Renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not preoccupied by categorization. Because of his love for the Maghreb and Arab music he is hellbent to make something extra special of this evening.…/zl-alibah-rebel-up-libya…
✹ DISCOURSE (ir/nl | fwd: gher Space)
discourse (Katayoun Arian) is an Iranian-Dutch DJ, curator and writer. She is the founder of Fwd: Gher Space, an Amsterdam-based platform that aims to be a home for a growing community of women and female DJs in particular. The platform strives to connect music loving audiences, VJs, dancers, artists and allies with different experiences, cultural backgrounds, and gender identities, to diverse musical traditions, communities, and venues. Her writing often deals with questions of decoloniality and communality.

Featured Street Photographer of the Week: Robert Kroos in Street Photography Magazine

What drew you to street photography initially?

The shortest answer is that beauty and magic can be found everywhere as soon as you go out of the house. Next to that, I always consider myself an absolute beginner and street photography is my best teacher to learn and grow as a photographer and as a person.

You have to deal with the unexpected and you need to make split second decisions that deal with technical aspects (shutter speed), aesthetics (framing) and dealing with your fellow humans. I am still experiencing fear as I put my camera in front of somebody in let’s say, a supermarket. Because of this fear I have missed many opportunities. At one point I realized that experiencing fear is one of the best signals for a good photographic moment. You have to dive in.

On your Flickr profile, you mention that you have an interest in the “total scope of things” and this makes developing a singular style a challenge. I’ve felt the same way before, after all, the world is a place of great variety. Do you feel like the “richness in people and culture” can truly be captured and documented in photography?

I’m very much like a sponge, I want to absorb, understand and appreciate everything. My broad interest is a talent and enriching but also it is tiring and lacking consistency. But to answer your question: Of course! Taken in consideration that there is music, poetry, history and so on to document fully it takes one good photograph to capture truly. I live in Rotterdam which is a city with people of so many different nationalities. They all bring something into the rich mix and I sincerely love that about this town. It gives interesting contrasts and color on so many levels. (Also in black and white.)

You have a way with light! I love the way you use it to make images seem more intimate. How do you do it? What do you look for in lighting?

I am always sensitive and aware of shadow and light. It is that what can make or break an image and more so turn the ordinary in something extraordinary. First of all, it is a matter of always having your camera with you. When the light is special immediately alarm bells go off in my mind trying to use the opportunity to photograph. And I use an electronic viewfinder so I can actually see what I will be shooting. Tilting your camera a little bit up or down can have a drastic change in contrast and light. I really explore those possibilities and try to frame from an angle that gives the most beautiful light.


Do you have any tips for people who are new to street photography?

Like I said earlier, the best tip is to always have a camera with you. The best pictures I ever took are all made on film with an Olympus Mju II. It fitted perfectly in my pocket and when a photographic moment occurred I was able to capture it. It is such a horrible feeling when you have to say to yourself; oooohhh I wish I had my camera with me… You can never capture that moment again.

And I think it is best to have a very broad definition of ‘street’ photography. For me the street can be inside, outside, in cities, villages and in nature. It is a state of mind. To be able to see beyond the mundane.


In addition, I am an auditory person and I love the art of field recording which has many similarities with street photography. Only with sound you can not leave anything outside of the frame and you have to able to capture for long periods of time. Besides having a photographic eye I invite everybody to develop a photographic ear. If you are interested you can check out my release ‘The Sounds of Hokkaido‘ on ‘Greenfield Recordings.’ In the added pdf you can also find some extra images.


To see more of Robert’s work, please visit his Flickr page.

SUN 2 OCT ’16 – CONCERT MIMA 54: FRANCE (FR) + EKLIN Overdriven hurdy-gurdy versus enigmatic trance rock



Overdriven hurdy-gurdy versus enigmatic trance rock


France (FR)

Imagine Tony Conrad & Faust reincarnated as a French punk trio in 2016, using only a minimal drum kit, bass guitar and hurdy-gurdy to drone you into another dimension. The set-up is simple but the results are mind-blowing. Repetitive pulsating rhythms, with pounding overtones created by the overdriven hurdy-gurdy. Obviously this stuff works best in a live-setting, with the amps cranked up to 11. France are loud, deep and trance-inducing.

Eklin (NL)

Shapeshifting collective around Michiel Klein. Eklin started as a fairly abstract instrumental electronix trio in 2009 but evolved into a five piece band that produced a strange hybrid of atmospheric dreampop with female vocals and dubbed out trance rock as heard on their full-length Onwa. Nowadays Eklin seems to be operating mainly as a live unit with an ever changing line-up, chunking out improvised instrumental jams that focusses on their trance rock aspect.

Line-up during this concert:
Arvind Ganga (Every Bolt Rumbling): guitar
Robert Kroos (Duckfood, Torture Corpse, Tharpa Jigme): drone instrument
Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut, Sweat Tongue): drums
Michiel Klein: (Sweat Tongue, Lewsberg): bass guitar

Fri 30 Sept > Rebel Up’s Duckfood @ Pantropical‎ x Arab Film Festival: Gan Gah ≈ Deena Abdelwahed ≈ Tropikal Camel



–– GAN GAH (ma)
–– DUCKFOOD (nl)

♒ Arab dance / electronica, Morrocan bass ♒

Pantropical x Arab Film Festival is an integral part of the annual Arab Film festival [ / 29 Sept – Oct 02]. A celebration of forward-looking, bass-ridden Arab dance music with GAN GAH, Deena Abdelwahed,Rocky B-The Tropikal Camel, and Duckfood. Venue = Roodkapje Rotterdam, within walking distance from Rotterdam CS.

≈ GAN GAH (ma | low up)
He’s on the rise; Gan Gah is a young, DJ / producer fed by traditional Gnawa and Berber rythms since he was born in the suburbs of Agadir. Now based in Brussels, he knows how to shake a dancefloor with his bewitching beats. Offering a clever combination of club music and traditional North-African music, Gan Gah’s first EP “Souktronics” shows his love for both his Moroccan roots and modern electronic music. Moroccan Bass, you said?

≈ DEENA ABDELWAHED (tn | infiné)
As the main female representative of this generation of Tunisian DJs and producers, Deena Abdelwahed is not one to pander to commercial trends. She explores the urban rythms in the aftermath of the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution, where social conservatism has been on the rise and only a few clubs adapt to innovation. Deena caters to those who seek alternatives to electronic music parties that either serve as lazy entertainment or an excuse to blow off steam and vent social frustration. In the past few years, since moving to Toulouse, Deena has made herself heard at music festivals all around Europe winning over crowds with her energetic music.

≈ TROPIKAL CAMEL (il | arabstazy, shouka)
The Afro-haired electronica/beats/global bass shaman from Jerusalem; Tropikal Camel aka Rocky B Assayag is a musical explorer traversing genres, creating an original musical language; a journey into Jerusalem’s unique sound and a fusion of Bass, Techno, Hip-Hop and the raw rhythms of tribal Middle- Eastern and North-African music.

≈ DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up, pantropical)
Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance, so who else to ask for this Pantropical x Arab Camera special? His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre. Just dig in!


location: Roodkapje SUB
Teilingerstraat 110-130, Rotterdam
22:00 – 03:00 | entrance: 8 euro / 7 euro presale
Pantropical • 
Arab Film Festival  •  FB-Link

Pantropical>>DJ Tetris ≈ Duckfood ≈ Chris Baas

First time ever introduction to tribal guarachero in NL?!

DJ TETRIS (mx | n.a.a.f.i., guaracha)
DJ Tetris, from the southern state of Oaxaca, has been a key part of the Mexican tribal guarachero scene for quite some time now. The origins of this particular style of dance music are from Monterrey and is characterized by the use of pre-hispanic rhythms, cumbia, and electronic beats, mixed with flute melodies, accordeon and synthesizers. With his signature style (a mix of tribal guarachero, Mexican fanfare, Mariachi en musica norteña Tetris quickly found a home with the N.A.A.F.I. collective (Lao, Siete Catorce, Mexican Jihad, Fausto Bahia). N.A.A.F.I. are famed for their special events and their unconventional ways of celebrating street/subculture. Tetris’ ultra-danceable ‘Costeño’ came out on N.A.A.F.I. in 2014.

DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up!, pantropical)
Always on the search for new sounds from around the globe, Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre. Duckfood is connected to both Rebel Up! and Pantropical.

CHRISTIAN BAAS (nl | meanwhile in manolya, pantropical)
We threw him in the deep end with his maiden Pantropical set at the MDOU MOCTAR / ChupameElDedo double bill (14.07.16), but this young man unequivally impressed with his skilful set, that even ended up as a live jam with Mdou’s 2nd guitarist.


28 July – From 21.00 till 2.00

LOCATION: Paviljoen aan het Water – Brielselaan 157, R’dam
entrance 5 euro [Subbacultcha members: free]



Duckfood @ IFFR White Nights Rotterdam

Het eerste zomerevenement van International Film Festival Rotterdam is een feit! Van 13 tot en met 17 juli slaat IFFR zijn tenten op in het Museumpark met IFFR White Nights. Overdag kun je op het terrein in kleine tenten doorlopend korte films bekijken, en ’s avonds licht een lange speelfilm de grote, centrale tent sprookjesachtig op.

Rode draad van IFFR White Nights is de potentie van al het talent dat door de vele vluchtelingen in Europa aanklopt. De White Nights zijn de slapeloze nachten van Europa (of die nu worden gevoed door empathie of argwaan) over de grote aantallen asielzoekers die op het continent hun heil zoeken. Naast bijzondere films uit landen als Syrië, Irak, Pakistan, Egypte, Palestina, Libanon en Tunesië zijn er boeiende tafelgesprekken met interessante gasten, workshops, kun je kennis maken met de Arabische keuken en genieten van de mooiste muziek. Het terrein én de films zijn gratis toegankelijk!


Zondag 17 Juli

Dagelijks programma 14:00 – 23:00

16:00 Tiger Radio: Reizen
18:00 Film: Iraqi Odyssey (162’, met pauze) – Samir
21:30 Muziek: DJ Duckfood

23-25 June > Rebel Up! in Bulgaria @ Zenith Fusion festival (Dolen)

Zenith Fusion festival takes place on 24, 25 and 26 June, thereby kicking off the festival season. The first day, 24.06, is known as the folkloric Midsummer (”Enyovden”) marked by the Summer Solstice and is one of the country’s most vivid and joyful folklore traditions. Only 300 tickets available!

Find us at the Unesco heritage mountain village of Dolen, an architectural reserve, hosting a beautiful historic center, fun grandmothers, breathtaking panorama’s and of course… a staggeringly beautiful amphitheater.

Rebel Up! SebCat & Duckfood will play friday night 24 june, during the summer solstice.
Further lineup > Oratnitza, Merudia, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs, Tupani i Gaidi, Gypsy Box, Dharba, The Bedlam Club, Vataff Project, Lazy Face Selector, Zornitza, Misirli, Svetlana Spanic & more!

24-25-26 june @ Dolen village (Blagoevgrad province)
FB event

thu 23 june > Also Rebel Up! set at Art Hostel in Sofia (FREE!)
FB event


Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands.

Lichun Tseng’s JianJian film-installation will be exposed @ ‎EYE‎: Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands. With sounddesign by Duckfood.


“In the exhibition we present the installation jianjian, which means so much as ‘gradually’ or ‘bit by bit’. The installation consists of three 16mm loops, different in length, which move independently of one another. With this, Tseng wants to record how black-and-white and colour, and sounds and images relate to one another. The linear viewing experience of a single channel film has been completely eliminated, resulting in a contemplative audiovisual experience. Sound design by Robert Kroos. More about this fascinating artist:

jianjian_installation view @ EYE from lichun tseng on Vimeo.




After their horror-trip to Europe the ERITREAN REFUGESS from Havenstraat get a chance to Listening and playing Eritrean music, dancing and enjoying their home food at OCCII together with Rebel Up! DJ SebCat & Duckfood
Please bring instruments/cloths/Donation for all Refugees that are housed at the old prison Havenstraat here at Amstelveenseweg.
De Syrische Nezar (gitaar), Kenan (klarinet) en Shadi (trommel/drum) vormden in hun land de band Passion. In Syrië speelden ze in het professionele circuit. De bandleden hebben elkaar weer ontmoet in Amsterdam.
Eritrean Krar player Gerrie with on keyboard Mebrie.

PANTROPICAL x ‘Afrofuturism Now Festival’: DJ SPOKO & Rebel Up – Duckfood @ WORM

ANTROPICAL presents DJ SPOKO as part of WORM’s ‘Afrofuturism Now!’ festival.

■ DJ SPOKO (south africa)
Raised in the rural town of Tzaneen (northern South Africa), Spoko started producing at age 12. After moving to Atteridgeville (a 99%-black township outside the mostly white city of Pretoria) he lived in an area called Ghost Town, near Atteridgeville’s cemetery, where as the neighborhood’s premiere producer, young Spoko earned the nickname The Ghost. In the early 2000s DJ Spoko traveled south to Soweto, where he studied sound engineering in the studio of Nozinja, creator of the SHANGAAN ELECTRO style. After Spoko built his own studio back home, he took a producer named DJ MUJAVA under his wing, leading to Spoko’s great but uncredited triumph as the percussion mastermind behind Mujavas Bacardi House indebted “Township Funk.” Since the release of “Ghost Town” (his first official western release) Spoko has continued to develop his own Ghetto Boyz entertainment – working with local Atteridgeville talent.

Rebel Up’s Duckfood will warm up an cool down with Afro Futuristic tracks from the past and present.

african futurism now_o

“CELLULOID & LIGHT” Expanded Cinema Performances



“Waste” by Nan Wang

“Waste” is an audio-visual performance use modified slid-projectors to project small trash material into enlarged moving image.
By using Electronic sound synchronised with tinny abandon objects, movements of light and shadows, constructing a story of wasted and lost memory.

Carole Thibaud and Mariane Moula from Nantes (FR)

30 min 4 projections 16mm live performance with sound
Four 16mm projectors and film only made with a sewing machine and a printer. Film without camera, an experience about the analogue film, and how the hole, moving and crossed by the light create pictures, sound, and talks about cinema.

” ” by Esther Urlus
An attack of imagined nostalgia for childhood. With soundscapes by Robert Kroos

DJ: Duckfood

de player

visit: hillelaan 49d / post: postbus 51100, 3007 GC, Rotterdam


hailu mergia

Hailu Mergia’s return to the world of music is one of the most unlikely comebacks of the recent years: The keyboardist / accordeon player was a major star in 1970’s Ethiopia, presiding over the country’s leading instrumental ensemble Walias Band. In 1981, a good part of Walias including Hailu used the first ever US tour of an Ethiopian band to escape the dictatorial Mengistu regime. Since then Hailu has been a resident of the Washington DC area, spending most of his recent years as a cab driver at Dulles Airport and playing only privately. Enter Awesome Tape From Africa. Brian Shimkovitz, operator of the acclaimed blog-turned-record label, came across the 1985 cassette “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument” in Ethiopia, tracked down the old maestro and reissued it: this tape has both a nostalgic feel (in its attempt to revive the accordion, once East Africa’s leading instrument before electrified “western” rock style instrumentation took over) as well as a futuristic dimension (recorded by the exiled Hailu all by himself, it features a host of synthesizers and drum machines). On the back this reissue in 2013, Hailu started to play live again with a rhythm section made up from two leading Australian improvisors: Tony Buck (THE NECKS, drums), and Mike Majkowski (double bass). Together the trio explores the deep, liquid and hypnotic qualities of Hailu Mergia’s music, while not forgetting to throw in some defty bits of funk.

■ DJ: DUCKFOOD (nl|rebel up!, pantropical)
Tonight’s party music supply will be in the hands of Duckfood. He defies categorization. His selections are too colourful to be hampered by any preoccupation about wether it fits this or that genre. Always on the search for new sounds from around the globe, his massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. This evening he will take us to the shoulder-shaking / hip breaking grooves of Ethiopia (Practice your moves with this), and much more!

■ VJ ALERTA (cl/nl)
Geometric Folklore visualized by Chilean / Dutch artist Vj Alerta aka Alejandra Huerta.

WORM Rotterdam
Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam




Los Dansing Queens [sic] are a phenomenon. Sprouting from the moldy hotbed of culture, Maastricht, Los Dansing Queenc might be the best kept secret in the Dutch music and art scene. This completely derailed band play absurdist pop with the dryest sense of humor, and dabble with performance art for good measure. They freed themselves from any preoccupation with what their stuff should sound or look like, sometimes resembling Rotterdam’s Coolhaven from another, particularly warped parallel universe. Los Dansing Queenc will provide plenty of entertainment for the curious, jaded and faded.

■ INDICATOR2000 (at)
An entirely different kind of affair is ‘Indicator2000′. This project by the artist and (quote) dilettantish (unquote) engineer Joseph Knierzinger explores different kinds of micro and marco movements of the X-Y indicator device, aka the computer mouse. By translating these movements into amplitude and frequency of a nofi-oscillator, an audible experience is created. By recording variable sequences of the movement an arythmic collage will be discovered.

Mysterious project by the even more mysterious Woodstone Kugelblitz. Next to setting up the abovementioned fanfare project with homemade trumpets, Kugelblitz is known for activities that includes ongoing work on L’Intolérant – a stenciled newspaper on art in daily life, poetry and popular uprising. Kubelblitz is all about work that is ‘lived’ instead of work that is being ‘created’.

Duckfood told us that he doesn’t like the abbreviation ‘DJ’ in front of his alias, but he actually is one. It’s because the man loathes pigeonholing and rightly so. So do we. Under Duckfood‘s scrutiny, the boundless juxtaposition and mixing of tracks always ends up being something really tasteful.

Rebel Up Soundclash

Once again Rebel Up! Soundclash returns with a dance night of global tunes, vintage sounds and ethnic bass in Amsterdam. It promises to be an excellent night with a live set and some special DJ sets, here’s the roll;

Guess What (UK)
This duo specializes in obscure metaphysical music and global soundtracks with piano, organ, melodica and electronics that take you through Russia, the Middle East and the 70′s *Giallo* cinema of Italy. Expect a heavy dose of psychedelics that will make your swirl into a higher state.


Sonar Calibrado DJ set (US/ES)
we once again welcome our good globetrotting friend who will go back to his roots with a straight up old-skool dj setof global revolution beats, self recorded ethnic sounds and new urban dance styles. Expect a storming underground dance set as ever!


DJ Duckfood (R’dam)
our sheepskinned man from Rotterdam will again bring his lively mix of global sounds and special remixes. what to think of Moldavian jump up music, Iraqi choubi beats and other underground party styles.


Rebel Up! DJ/VJ’s
as always your hosts will bring their best tunes and visuals to surprise and amaze the dancefloor. Whether it’s a trip to the tropics, the rural countryside or the urban jungle, they are ready and armed with good global beats and sweet swinging tunes.


Profits go to charity; NGO Bhakti Luhurin Eastern Java, which takes care of handicapped children and set up school projects in various villages.

~Come & have your healthy dose of global sounds from the underground!~

Night of the Chupacabras – Cultvideotheek Next Page – WORM

26 October… One-of-a-kind movienight featuring the amazing short “Banana motherfucker” and the amazing horror film ‘Noite do Chupacabra’. Brazilian set by Roberto Caroso and DJ Markinho! Nossa!Nossa!

Rodrigo Aragão is an up-and-coming Brazilian director who gained recognition with his Mud Zombies, which screened at BUTFF in 2009. With ‘Night of the Chupacabras’ he once again delivers a film filled with amazing guts and gore effects. Aragão shows that Brazil has more to offer than just arthouse. Be prepared for a no holds barred splatter movie, 80’s style.

Cultvideotheek Movienight wiht Leos Carax @ WORM

Cultvideotheek en Lantaren Venster presemt in ambiance Française: ‘a Filmnight with Leos Carax’ With two films Mauvais Sang en Les Amants du Pont-Neuf!

And I will bring some beautiful French music with me: (dance party at the end)”


Tonight there is a screening of Jodorowsky’s THE HOLY MOUNTAIN @ WORM. 35mm restored. This is a once in a lifetime MUST SEE film. And if you have seen it.. you want to see it again!

Before and after we have a ‘end of the film-season’ party with nice DJ’s. (like me;)

Moroccan music for the screening of YOU ALL ARE CAPTAINS – Oliver Laxe @ WORM

8 & 15 December 2011

Testing, testing, testing… a film of in-between-ness that’s set in Tangiers, features a director who’s overruled by his cast and crew of kids, and utilizes the King of Morocco’s discarded 35mm film camera to stunningly scrutinize realism. YOU ALL ARE CAPTAINS is a brisk, graceful, tender, debut shot with an intimacy that’s reminiscent of Abbas Kiarostami’s best work and deservedly ran away with the 2010 International Critics’ award at Cannes.

Before and after the film I will play the best Moroccan music from all regions, styles and periods,