No Ground Under your feet is a radio documentary produced by iii in the Hague, a prequel to the continuation of the Raw Dates Sessions #2 – Multidisciplinary Playground For Improvisers.

In this radio documentary you can hear the speaking voices and sounds made by 13 participants that were conducted by Tisa N. Herlec who posed questions and composed the interaction.

Participants: Lizzie Bax, Philipp Ernsting, Wen Chin Fu, Nikolas Kliwadenko, Robert Kroos, Tisa N. Herlec, Riccardo Marogna, Simone Sacchi, Christian Smith, Nursinem Aslan, Guillermo Martin Viana, Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni and Darina Zurkova
Recording: Simone Sacchi
Editing: Riccardo Marogna
Produced by Instruments Inventors Initiative
Broadcasted on Radio Worm
The Hague / Rotterdam, 2022/2023