Robert Kroos – Requiem for a crushed tree

After a life of silence a monumental tree gets killed to make way for one parkingspot to prosper. The soundtrack of the removal of this tree is like a horrifying Godzilla movie. In contrast of what was and what is to come. Recorded at Rockanjestraat Rotterdam  ...

Duckfood monthly radioshow on FANGO

DUCKFOOD is a new monthly radioshow. Bringing you 3rd World Electronica, 4th World Folklore and 5th Dimensional Soundwaves on FANGO Radio Listen to the first show:

Playlist for Camera Japan Festival

For the third time I made a playlist of Japanese music for the Camera Japan Filmfestival. More then 50 hours of music ranging from Enka to J-Pop and from Okinawa sounds to Hokkaido. Using music to enhance the atmosphere and the total experience.  

DUCKFOOD – field recordings Morocco -Pantropical – 03.05.2019

We’re elated to present this splendid collage of field recordings from Morocco by Duckfood aka Robert Kroos. Knowing his chops as a sound designer/editor, Robert has meticulously edited an evocative sound piece that retains the pureness of its source material;...