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Mental Youth playing @ 909 | 5 year anniversary | Jeff Mills presents Time Tunnel |

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With Mental Youth we did the warming up at ADE Jeff Mills presents Time Tunnel


At the request of Jeff Mills himself we did a Science Fiction – Soundtrack – Classical- Atmospheric – Experimental set.


PANTROPICAL x ‘Afrofuturism Now Festival’: DJ SPOKO & Rebel Up – Duckfood @ WORM

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ANTROPICAL presents DJ SPOKO as part of WORM’s ‘Afrofuturism Now!’ festival.

■ DJ SPOKO (south africa)
Raised in the rural town of Tzaneen (northern South Africa), Spoko started producing at age 12. After moving to Atteridgeville (a 99%-black township outside the mostly white city of Pretoria) he lived in an area called Ghost Town, near Atteridgeville’s cemetery, where as the neighborhood’s premiere producer, young Spoko earned the nickname The Ghost. In the early 2000s DJ Spoko traveled south to Soweto, where he studied sound engineering in the studio of Nozinja, creator of the SHANGAAN ELECTRO style. After Spoko built his own studio back home, he took a producer named DJ MUJAVA under his wing, leading to Spoko’s great but uncredited triumph as the percussion mastermind behind Mujavas Bacardi House indebted “Township Funk.” Since the release of “Ghost Town” (his first official western release) Spoko has continued to develop his own Ghetto Boyz entertainment – working with local Atteridgeville talent.

Rebel Up’s Duckfood will warm up an cool down with Afro Futuristic tracks from the past and present.

african futurism now_o


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Special open air showcase as part of the ‘Kunst in het Witte de Withkwartier’ festival. Zigzagging from the dense ‘Kunst in het Witte de Withkwartier’ program, you can hop straight into our corner stage area for a good Pantropical fix.

LA BANDA FANTASTICA • have top musicians from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Rotterdam in their ranks. With Amsterdam as their main operations base, they quickly became the prime movers behind the great ‘Fantástica’ cumbia parties (currently ‘on hold’). Musically they know exactly how to throw a great party, mixing Latin-American classics with their own blend of various cumbia styles, such as the psychedelic guitar based Peruvian Chicha (or Cumbia Amazónica), Cumbia Villera, etc. The band performed at festivals like Fusion, Berlin.

la banda fantastica

DJ BONI • has been making a name for himself at quite some venues in and around the Angolan / Afro clubscene in Rotterdam. At a previous Pantropical last year November he held is own playing with the great Nigga Fox.

DJ Boni
DUCKFOOD • Pantropical / Rebel Up! resident DJ. One of Rotterdam’s most knowledgeable music omnivores. Will tie all sounds together in a way only he can.




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Cumbia Cosmonauts
.We’re back… back at lovely Post Office. Vrooom #27 is a couple three: there’s two duo performances: ‘newbies’ Laurens van der Wee and gauchito Javier Areal Vélez, and there’s veterans Philippe Petit and Mia Zabelka, who share wavelengths during their violin/voice/turntable set… and we have Cumbia Cosmonauts all the way from Austrialia, with strong percussion by homeboys Nique Quentin and Javier Infestas, hurling you into cosmic cumbia heaven! Latest addition; our own Duckfood will be dj’ing, bridging sets before, inbetween and after!

“CELLULOID & LIGHT” Expanded Cinema Performances

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“Waste” by Nan Wang

“Waste” is an audio-visual performance use modified slid-projectors to project small trash material into enlarged moving image.
By using Electronic sound synchronised with tinny abandon objects, movements of light and shadows, constructing a story of wasted and lost memory.

Carole Thibaud and Mariane Moula from Nantes (FR)

30 min 4 projections 16mm live performance with sound
Four 16mm projectors and film only made with a sewing machine and a printer. Film without camera, an experience about the analogue film, and how the hole, moving and crossed by the light create pictures, sound, and talks about cinema.

” ” by Esther Urlus
An attack of imagined nostalgia for childhood. With soundscapes by Robert Kroos

DJ: Duckfood

de player

visit: hillelaan 49d / post: postbus 51100, 3007 GC, Rotterdam


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hailu mergia

Hailu Mergia’s return to the world of music is one of the most unlikely comebacks of the recent years: The keyboardist / accordeon player was a major star in 1970’s Ethiopia, presiding over the country’s leading instrumental ensemble Walias Band. In 1981, a good part of Walias including Hailu used the first ever US tour of an Ethiopian band to escape the dictatorial Mengistu regime. Since then Hailu has been a resident of the Washington DC area, spending most of his recent years as a cab driver at Dulles Airport and playing only privately. Enter Awesome Tape From Africa. Brian Shimkovitz, operator of the acclaimed blog-turned-record label, came across the 1985 cassette “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument” in Ethiopia, tracked down the old maestro and reissued it: this tape has both a nostalgic feel (in its attempt to revive the accordion, once East Africa’s leading instrument before electrified “western” rock style instrumentation took over) as well as a futuristic dimension (recorded by the exiled Hailu all by himself, it features a host of synthesizers and drum machines). On the back this reissue in 2013, Hailu started to play live again with a rhythm section made up from two leading Australian improvisors: Tony Buck (THE NECKS, drums), and Mike Majkowski (double bass). Together the trio explores the deep, liquid and hypnotic qualities of Hailu Mergia’s music, while not forgetting to throw in some defty bits of funk.

■ DJ: DUCKFOOD (nl|rebel up!, pantropical)
Tonight’s party music supply will be in the hands of Duckfood. He defies categorization. His selections are too colourful to be hampered by any preoccupation about wether it fits this or that genre. Always on the search for new sounds from around the globe, his massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. This evening he will take us to the shoulder-shaking / hip breaking grooves of Ethiopia (Practice your moves with this), and much more!

■ VJ ALERTA (cl/nl)
Geometric Folklore visualized by Chilean / Dutch artist Vj Alerta aka Alejandra Huerta.

WORM Rotterdam
Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam