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An evening of diverse listening. Wether it’s about experiencing performances in the realm of conceptual electronica or live music wih origins in classic culture; you’ll find that math is ultimately at the root of almost everything. It just manifests itself in different ways. Artists performing: slide guitarist Manish Pingle, musician and multi-media artist Joe Cantrell, and writer and sound artist Ian Hatcher.

Born in a family of music lovers, Manish Pingle was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother. He started his initial training in Indian slide guitar from Late Shri Vishnu Walivadekar of Indore. He is one of the senior Disciples of the Legendary Sitar player, Ustad Shahid Parvez of Itawa Gharana. Manish will perform a mesmerizing slide guitar concert with Heiko Dijker. Heiko is an Amsterdam based Tabla player whose playing is marked by enthousiasm and energy, depth of knowledge and rythmic poetry. He left Holland at a young age, hitch-hiked around the world on his own, Heiko was drawn into Classical Indian music and the beauty of India.

Ian Hatcher is a text / sound / code / performance artist based in New York. He will perform pieces from his book Prothesis amongst others. Prosthesis is a collection of texts infused with the syntax of source code and the cadences of machinic speech, concerned with the question of where the apparatus ends and the body begins. The book’s text, composed in part with custom software, combines human and computer languages into a hybrid of uncanny musicality. It functions both as poetry on the page and as a set of scores for Hatcher’s virtuosic live performances. Cosmosmose just released their first 7″  with Ian Hatcher named “Drone Pilot”.

Joe Cantrell is a musician and multi-media artist specializing in sound art, installations, compositions and performances inspired by the implications and consequences of technological objects and practices. His work examines the incessant acceleration of technology and media production, its ownership, and the waste it produces. Joe is a guest at the WORM Sound Studio in the days prior to this DE PLAYER event, where he will demonstrate his gear.


Live set with Willem Klijn @ Grondwater Festival 3

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Live performance with Willem Klijn. With analog synths, drumcomputer, guitar and field recordings. @ GrondwaterFestival




Ernst van der Loo is a Dutch composer and sound artist residing in Oslo, Norway.

His work consists of complex structures generated by means of electronic feedback processes and extreme transformations of sound materials.

His works are predominantly fixed media pieces and works for live electronics. He studied at the institute of Sonology at the beginning of this millennium.



Fani Konstantinidou is a composer, sound artist, performer and music researcher based in the Netherlands. Her music and research focuses on conceptual composition, sonic images and the perception/imagination of the listener in electroacoustic music. Currently, she is investigating how the cultural, social and individual differences of the audience affect the listening process and the educational practices of contemporary music.



Robert’s repertoire ranges from ambient to extreme noise and he also has a special love for making and working with field recordings.

Willem’s love for (modular) synths and drum computers has taken too much of his time and space. Willem Klijn and Robert Kroos have been a DJ duo for years and now they are playing live music for the first time.


Wen Chin Fu is a performance artist from Taiwan. She is interested in the relationship between sound and body behaviour in a performative way. After graduating in classical music, she chose to study at ArtScience Interfaculty at The Royal Art Academy in Den Haag, Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Den Haag.


Bahk (Bouk Bouwmeester) makes melancholic drones and atmospheres.



Viola and movement set. ‘Playing can be like dancing with an object. The movements trigger the object to sound. The sound is the movement’



Trapper Drone Orchestra was founded in 2011. The five permanent members are Jan Borchers (electronics, bass), Wouter Blok (electronics), Jimi Voltagio (hurdy-gurdy), Rob Kanters (bass) and Malou Osendarp (cello).



Hendrik is a second year bachelor of Sonology. He likes to create many forms of music while not making any particularly at a time. Who knows what he will do this time?



A project by Yorrit Bling of improvisational, layered jams build with mixer feedback, beats and bass. Inspired by dub and hiphop and keyboard melodies that alternate between sweet and haunting.



Miss Nixon (Tamara van Suylekom) learned early that a violin couldn’t make the sounds she wanted. So she build her own modular synthesizer. Her solo-noodle project brings forth a dark and danceable sound. “Get your feet on the dancing floor and your eyes pointing down, you might just find a penny”.


Fri 30 Sept > Rebel Up’s Duckfood @ Pantropical‎ x Arab Film Festival: Gan Gah ≈ Deena Abdelwahed ≈ Tropikal Camel

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–– GAN GAH (ma)
–– DUCKFOOD (nl)

♒ Arab dance / electronica, Morrocan bass ♒

Pantropical x Arab Film Festival is an integral part of the annual Arab Film festival [ / 29 Sept – Oct 02]. A celebration of forward-looking, bass-ridden Arab dance music with GAN GAH, Deena Abdelwahed,Rocky B-The Tropikal Camel, and Duckfood. Venue = Roodkapje Rotterdam, within walking distance from Rotterdam CS.

≈ GAN GAH (ma | low up)
He’s on the rise; Gan Gah is a young, DJ / producer fed by traditional Gnawa and Berber rythms since he was born in the suburbs of Agadir. Now based in Brussels, he knows how to shake a dancefloor with his bewitching beats. Offering a clever combination of club music and traditional North-African music, Gan Gah’s first EP “Souktronics” shows his love for both his Moroccan roots and modern electronic music. Moroccan Bass, you said?

≈ DEENA ABDELWAHED (tn | infiné)
As the main female representative of this generation of Tunisian DJs and producers, Deena Abdelwahed is not one to pander to commercial trends. She explores the urban rythms in the aftermath of the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution, where social conservatism has been on the rise and only a few clubs adapt to innovation. Deena caters to those who seek alternatives to electronic music parties that either serve as lazy entertainment or an excuse to blow off steam and vent social frustration. In the past few years, since moving to Toulouse, Deena has made herself heard at music festivals all around Europe winning over crowds with her energetic music.

≈ TROPIKAL CAMEL (il | arabstazy, shouka)
The Afro-haired electronica/beats/global bass shaman from Jerusalem; Tropikal Camel aka Rocky B Assayag is a musical explorer traversing genres, creating an original musical language; a journey into Jerusalem’s unique sound and a fusion of Bass, Techno, Hip-Hop and the raw rhythms of tribal Middle- Eastern and North-African music.

≈ DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up, pantropical)
Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance, so who else to ask for this Pantropical x Arab Camera special? His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre. Just dig in!


location: Roodkapje SUB
Teilingerstraat 110-130, Rotterdam
22:00 – 03:00 | entrance: 8 euro / 7 euro presale
Pantropical • 
Arab Film Festival  •  FB-Link

Sat 27 Aug Rebel Up! Leblanc & Duckfood @ Zomerparkfeest Venlo with Islam Chipsy & EEK & Dick El Demasiado

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This weekend its Zomerparkfeest in Venlo again! Its a free festival and its gonna be a blast!!!
22:00 – Rebel Up!
22.45 – Dick El Demasiado
23.30 – Rebel Up!
00.15 – Islam Chipsy & EEK


Fri 5 August > Pantropical: ATA KAK (Awesome Tapes From Afrika) > Afrobot > Rebel Up’s Duckfood.

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≈ ATA KAK (GH) | Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Pantropical is super thrilled to introduce the Ghanaian electronic/rap/hiplife–highlife sensation ATA KAK, the man who kick-started the whole Awesome Tapes From Africa phenomenon!
Ata Kak’s cassette “Obaa Sima” was almost completely ignored upon its release in Ghana back in 1994. But when musicologist Brian Shimkovitz stumbled upon the tape at a street stall in Cape Coast, Ghana eight years later, it formed the catalyst for his new venture, the Awesome Tapes from Africa blog. Shimkovitz wrote of Ata Kak’s music in his inaugural post: “This is it. The song is called ‘Moma Yendodo’. You may never hear anything like this elsewhere. No one I know in Ghana listens to this frenetic leftfield rap madness.” The music on the recording – a mix of highlife, Twi-language rap, funk, hip-hop and electronica – traverses a rich and varied (international) pop music landscape, while also reflecting contemporary Ghanaian music of the period. Presented with the sweaty passion of a Prince record and the lo-fi recording charm of early Chicago house music, Obaa Sima’s joyous soul and casual brilliance made the enigmatic Ata Kak an underground internet sensation and a party-starter the world over. After more than a decade of searching Brian finally tracked down the singer.

Pre&after party will be in the hands of R’dam homeboys:

≈ AFROBOT (nl | Salamanca Label)
Afrobot is an avid collector and versatile selector of all kinds of pantropical craziness. For this one he’ll be slaving away through his crates to dig up some (quote) and other afrodelic tastes.

≈ REBEL UP! DUCKFOOD (nl | Rebel Up! Soundclash)

FB event

@ WORM Rotterdam
Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam

Pantropical>>DJ Tetris ≈ Duckfood ≈ Chris Baas

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First time ever introduction to tribal guarachero in NL?!

DJ TETRIS (mx | n.a.a.f.i., guaracha)
DJ Tetris, from the southern state of Oaxaca, has been a key part of the Mexican tribal guarachero scene for quite some time now. The origins of this particular style of dance music are from Monterrey and is characterized by the use of pre-hispanic rhythms, cumbia, and electronic beats, mixed with flute melodies, accordeon and synthesizers. With his signature style (a mix of tribal guarachero, Mexican fanfare, Mariachi en musica norteña Tetris quickly found a home with the N.A.A.F.I. collective (Lao, Siete Catorce, Mexican Jihad, Fausto Bahia). N.A.A.F.I. are famed for their special events and their unconventional ways of celebrating street/subculture. Tetris’ ultra-danceable ‘Costeño’ came out on N.A.A.F.I. in 2014.

DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up!, pantropical)
Always on the search for new sounds from around the globe, Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre. Duckfood is connected to both Rebel Up! and Pantropical.

CHRISTIAN BAAS (nl | meanwhile in manolya, pantropical)
We threw him in the deep end with his maiden Pantropical set at the MDOU MOCTAR / ChupameElDedo double bill (14.07.16), but this young man unequivally impressed with his skilful set, that even ended up as a live jam with Mdou’s 2nd guitarist.


28 July – From 21.00 till 2.00

LOCATION: Paviljoen aan het Water – Brielselaan 157, R’dam
entrance 5 euro [Subbacultcha members: free]



Duckfood @ IFFR White Nights Rotterdam

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Het eerste zomerevenement van International Film Festival Rotterdam is een feit! Van 13 tot en met 17 juli slaat IFFR zijn tenten op in het Museumpark met IFFR White Nights. Overdag kun je op het terrein in kleine tenten doorlopend korte films bekijken, en ’s avonds licht een lange speelfilm de grote, centrale tent sprookjesachtig op.

Rode draad van IFFR White Nights is de potentie van al het talent dat door de vele vluchtelingen in Europa aanklopt. De White Nights zijn de slapeloze nachten van Europa (of die nu worden gevoed door empathie of argwaan) over de grote aantallen asielzoekers die op het continent hun heil zoeken. Naast bijzondere films uit landen als Syrië, Irak, Pakistan, Egypte, Palestina, Libanon en Tunesië zijn er boeiende tafelgesprekken met interessante gasten, workshops, kun je kennis maken met de Arabische keuken en genieten van de mooiste muziek. Het terrein én de films zijn gratis toegankelijk!


Zondag 17 Juli

Dagelijks programma 14:00 – 23:00

16:00 Tiger Radio: Reizen
18:00 Film: Iraqi Odyssey (162’, met pauze) – Samir
21:30 Muziek: DJ Duckfood

23-25 June > Rebel Up! in Bulgaria @ Zenith Fusion festival (Dolen)

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Zenith Fusion festival takes place on 24, 25 and 26 June, thereby kicking off the festival season. The first day, 24.06, is known as the folkloric Midsummer (”Enyovden”) marked by the Summer Solstice and is one of the country’s most vivid and joyful folklore traditions. Only 300 tickets available!

Find us at the Unesco heritage mountain village of Dolen, an architectural reserve, hosting a beautiful historic center, fun grandmothers, breathtaking panorama’s and of course… a staggeringly beautiful amphitheater.

Rebel Up! SebCat & Duckfood will play friday night 24 june, during the summer solstice.
Further lineup > Oratnitza, Merudia, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs, Tupani i Gaidi, Gypsy Box, Dharba, The Bedlam Club, Vataff Project, Lazy Face Selector, Zornitza, Misirli, Svetlana Spanic & more!

24-25-26 june @ Dolen village (Blagoevgrad province)
FB event

thu 23 june > Also Rebel Up! set at Art Hostel in Sofia (FREE!)
FB event


Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands.

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Lichun Tseng’s JianJian film-installation will be exposed @ ‎EYE‎: Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands. With sounddesign by Duckfood.


“In the exhibition we present the installation jianjian, which means so much as ‘gradually’ or ‘bit by bit’. The installation consists of three 16mm loops, different in length, which move independently of one another. With this, Tseng wants to record how black-and-white and colour, and sounds and images relate to one another. The linear viewing experience of a single channel film has been completely eliminated, resulting in a contemplative audiovisual experience. Sound design by Robert Kroos. More about this fascinating artist:

jianjian_installation view @ EYE from lichun tseng on Vimeo.



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After their horror-trip to Europe the ERITREAN REFUGESS from Havenstraat get a chance to Listening and playing Eritrean music, dancing and enjoying their home food at OCCII together with Rebel Up! DJ SebCat & Duckfood
Please bring instruments/cloths/Donation for all Refugees that are housed at the old prison Havenstraat here at Amstelveenseweg.
De Syrische Nezar (gitaar), Kenan (klarinet) en Shadi (trommel/drum) vormden in hun land de band Passion. In Syrië speelden ze in het professionele circuit. De bandleden hebben elkaar weer ontmoet in Amsterdam.
Eritrean Krar player Gerrie with on keyboard Mebrie.